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Amara Thornton - Honorary Research Fellow

Amara Thornton



IoA involvement:

Amara founded (2010) and has run the Institute's History of Archaeology network, and its associated events and website (www.historyofarchaeologyioa.weebly.com), and continues to run the Filming Antiquity project website (www.filmingantiquity.com), which emerged from a CHIRP funded collaboration between the Institute and the Departments of English (Film Studies) and Information Studies. In 2019, she launched and continues to maintain the Petra1929 project website (www.petra1929.co.uk), which was the main output of a CBRL Centenary Award she obtained in 2018; this website features a digital transcription of George and Agnes Horsfield's excavation diary from Petra (1929) and complementary photographs from the Horsfield collection, one of the Institute's many important archives.


Selected research publications