Institute of Archaeology


The Archaeology of Alcohol

18 February 2023

Alexandra Slucky (UCL Institute of Archaeology Alumna) has recorded a podcast in the 'Two Friends Talk History' series.

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Alexandra who undertook the MSc in Environmental Archaeology in 2019-2020 works on central Asian archaeobotany and hopes to return to the Institute to undertake her PhD research, supervised by Dorian Fuller. She currently works for Atkins as an Assistant Archaeological Heritage Consultant.

Alexandra recently recorded a podcast with Zofia Guertin on the archaeology and archaeobotany of ancient beers, wines, and spirits. They discussed the archaeological process used to identify historic alcoholic vessels and processes while Alexandra provided a list of relevant books and resources, including a number of outputs by Dorian and a paper she wrote on the archaeology of Asia. 

Two Friends Talk History is a podcast where public historian, Zofia, chats with scholars, archaeologists, researchers and more to explore fascinating histories, look behind the scenes and ask the big question that's missing in much academic discourse: so what? Why is this relevant today?