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David Wengrow to give TAG43 Plenary Lecture

6 April 2022

David Wengrow (UCL Institute of Archaeology) has been invited to give the opening Plenary Lecture at the 43rd Theoretical Archaeology Group conference (TAG43) in Edinburgh.

Prof David Wengrow, UCL Institute of Archaeology (Image credit: Tom Jamieson)

TAG43, sponsored by Antiquity, and with a conference theme of 'Revolutions' will take place at the University of Edinburgh from 15-17 December 2022.

Linking to the ideas of Vere Gordon Childe, who worked at the university, the conference organisers wish to encourage reflection on the multiple dimensions that the term 'revolutions' can encompass. These various meanings can include, but are not limited to: revolutions in the past; revolutions in our understanding, perceptions, and contemporary experiences of the past; revolutions in our conceptual and methodological approaches to the past; and revolutions in our professional practices, including aspects such ethics, inclusivity, and decolonisation.

David Wengrow, Professor of Comparative Archaeology at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, is the author of three books, including The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity. This volume, co-authored with the late David Graeber and published in October 2021 by Penguin, outlines an ambitious new world history, from egalitarian early cities in Mexico and Mesopotamia to part-time kings and queens in Ice Age Europe, bringing together the latest scholarship and archaeological evidence to tell a new story about the last 30,000 years which fundamentally transforms our understanding of the human past. The theme of David's Plenary Lecture will be related to the ideas outlined in this book. 

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