Institute of Archaeology


The deep anthropocene - human influence over our planet

6 October 2020

A revolution in archaeology has exposed the extraordinary extent of human influence over our planet’s past and its future.

ArchaeoGLOBE project logo (Image courtesy of the ArchaeoGLOBE project)

Bringing together the collective knowledge of more than 250 archaeologists, the ArchaeoGLOBE project participated in the first global, crowdsourced database of archaeological expertise on land use over the past 10,000 years.  

The ArchaeoGLOBE project, which involved UCL Institute of Archaeology researchers Dorian Fuller (one of the project designers and lead co-authors), and Mark Altaweel, tells a completely different story of Earth’s transformation than is commonly acknowledged in the natural sciences.

ArchaeoGLOBE revealed that human societies transformed most of Earth’s biosphere much earlier and more profoundly than we thought – an insight that has serious implications for how we understand humanity’s relationship to nature and the planet as a whole.

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