Institute of Archaeology


UCL Sustainability Week 2019

29 October 2019

UCL Institute of Archaeology staff and students are participating in this year's UCL Sustainability Week from 28 October - 1 November!

UCL Sustainability Week 2019

The UCL Institute of Archaeology takes green issues seriously and departmental green champions and the Archaeology Green Team work to encourage environmental sustainability within UCL.

Institute of Archaeology staff and students will help run a REPAIR CAFE on Friday 1 November as part of UCL's Sustainability Week. Mix, mingle and learn about the world of upcycling at the REPAIR CAFE, in the Students Centre on Gordon Street. Bring an item of clothing and they will help you repair it.  They will provide needles and thread, buttons and stitching advice, so join them to re-fix your loose buttons and visibly mend your moth eaten sweaters.  You can even have a go at a sewing machine to begin making all those outfits you've only ever dreamed of.

  • There will be free tea and coffee, but no disposables so bring your own mugs!
  • 12pm - 4pm / Student Centre Foyer

Plus why don't you join the Archaeology Green Team in going single use plastic-free this week!

Institute of Archaeology volunteers are currently establishing green groups and setting up sustainable projects for the current academic year. Solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Institute and are now operational while the department is taking part in a carbon pilot scheme. The refurbishment of the Photographic Lab, which won an award for sustainable working, will shortly be complete.