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IoA PhD Student Conference 2024: Innovative Ideas, Methodologies, and Techniques

A one-day conference highlighting the latest research by PhD researchers of the UCL Institute of Archaeology will be held on 7 June.

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Join us for a day filled with groundbreaking research and stimulating discussions. This free, in-person and digitally syndicated event is a fantastic opportunity where PhD students will showcase their work, exchange ideas, and network with fellow researchers.  

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9:30 - Dr Gabriel Moshenska

9:35-10:00 - Keynote Speaker: Dr Miljana Radivojevic

Session 1 - 10:00-10:50

  • A Long-Term Comparative Approach to Palatial Buildings in the Southern Levant and Mesopotamia: Insights from Space Syntax Analysis - Xosé L. Hermoso-Buxán
  • Ferme Neuve of Les Douaires, Normandy: Digital Reconstruction of a French Youth Penal Colony - Elias Michaut

Session 2 - 11:10-12:25

  • Modelling Site Location and Dynamic Occupation of Early Societies in the Lower Yangtze, China and the Netherlands: An Ecological Perspective on Neolithisation in Coastal Regions - Shenglun Du
  • Integrating AI and Visual Methods for Enhanced Cranial Sex Estimation in Forensic Anthropology - Karina Andersson
  • The chilihueques of Southern Chile: Archaeological Considerations in Relation to the Camelid Domestication in the Araucanía, Southern Chile - Ayelen Delgado Orellana

Session 3 - 13:30-14:45

  • Assembly and Dispatch: A Multi-dimensional View of the Practice of Eating - Sian Therese
  • Pierced Stones: Embodied Permeability on the Roman Frontiers - Blair Katherine Betik
  • Interconnectivity between Ports in East China from 8th to 13th Centuries: A Case Study from Qinglong Town, Shanghai - Shiyu Yang

Session 4 - 15:05-16:20

  • The Relationships between Land-users and Archaeologists in British Mandate Palestine and Their Impact on Archaeological Research - Stephen Porter
  • Volunteers as Re-Narrators of Colonial Histories: Their Contribution to Decolonisation of the British Cultural Institutions - Laurence Maidment-Blundell
  • Decolonising conservation practices in Kenya - Oba K. Waiyaki

Session 5 - 16:40-17:30/17:55

  • Material manipulation: Knowledge exchange between experienced practitioners and emerging conservators within the field of historic brick pointing - David Pope
  • Sustainable Data Infrastructures for Heritage and Archaeology: Risks and Solutions? - Jinyue Zhang
  • Drones, Artificial Intelligence, and Preventative Archaeology: Prospection of Subsurface Archaeological Remains using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Deep Learning Approaches - Louis Monntero

Don't miss out on the chance to be inspired by the latest developments in archaeology, cultural heritage, and museum studies and make valuable connections in the field.

We can't wait to see you there!

Please note: valid Staff/Student UCL ID will be required to gain access to the conference.


Image courtesy of Laurence Maidment-Blundell