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Members of the Ageing Playfully Network

The Ageing Playfully Network (APN) is growing rapidly. The Ageing Playfully Network includes scholars from a wide variety of disciplines at UCL and beyond, including the social sciences, humanities, as well as the brain sciences, and life and medical sciences.

In addition to the lead investigators Dr Carrie Ryan (Anthropology) and Professor Paul Higgs (Psychiatry), Ageing Playfully is supported by scholars across UCL, including Dr JD Carpentieri (IOE), Professor Helen Chatterjee (Biosciences) Professor Andrew Steptoe (Behavioural Science and Health), Dr Naaheed Mukadam (Psychiatry), and Professor Nick Fox (Neurology), and UCL doctoral students Moïse Roche (Psychiatry) and Pamela Almedia Meza (Epidemiology and Health Care).

The network also includes scholars from outside of UCL, including: Jay Sokolovsky (USF), Cathy Treadaway (Cardiff Metropolitan University), Hannah Marston (Open University), and Emmanuel Tsekleves (Lancaster University).

If you are interested in joining the Ageing Playfully Network, please contact Dr Carrie Ryan or Moïse Roche.

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