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Ageing Playfully Network

Ageing Playfully is an interdisciplinary network that gathers academic researchers, community organizations, and corporate actors together to explore the role of play and games in older people’s life.  The network is inspired by a nascent yet growing academic awareness that play and games are particularly productive sites through which to understand and generate wellbeing in old age. The network aims to serve as a hub for those interested in playful ageing, coalescing current research and inspiring future research agendas, encouraging knowledge-exchange and driving technological and industry innovation, and informing public policy around healthy ageing and care. By understanding ageing through the novel lens of play and games, the Ageing Playfully Network aims to challenge ageist perceptions of older age as unchanging, boring, stubborn, and solemn, and instead call attention to how older people remain playful, inventive, creative, dynamic, and lively as they age.