UCL Anthropology


Volunteering opportunities in UCL Ethnography Collection

4 October 2019

The collection comprises about 2000 objects and 5000 photographs representing cultures from all five continents, with particular strengths in Africa and Oceania.

Volunteering in UCL Ethnography Collection

Are you interested in museums, objects, material culture? Does object-based research, object handling, curating and collections engaging sound intriguing? Then you could join the UCL Ethnography Collection team and become a volunteer! All volunteers attend on a regular and weekly basis a two hours slot during term 1 and 2. Affiliate (study abroad) students in UCL for one term may attend during term 1 only. Volunteering slots are distributed on Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday all day long.

Delphine Mercier, the Collections Curator, will hold information meetings in the collection (basement floor of the Anthropology building) on:

  • Monday 7 October at 3pm
  • Tuesday 8 October at 12pm
  • Wednesday 9 October at 11am, 12pm and 2pm

Please register to a session on the sheets pined outside the door of the collection. Both attendance to these meetings and volunteering opportunities are based on a first arrived first served basis.