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Posts on life and study in London and the department by UCL Anthropology students and alumni.
Microscope over an object in the UCL Ethnography Collection

10 (free) experiences at UCL that will boost your CV

So, you’re coming to UCL and you want to make the most of your time here? It’s not all about writing essays and PowerPoint presentations - there are so many different opportunities that will help you build skills, meet new people and look amazing on a CV.

Person writing on papers on a wooden table with a cup

My First Year Experience - Mariyam Giash

As a first-year student, you learn a bit about all the different aspects of Anthropology, which will ultimately help you decide which aspects of the course you enjoy most. This will then help you with your second and third year, when you start picking optional modules.

 UCL Anthropology student Riani Kenyon

7 (surprising) things I learned studying Anthropology at UCL

Does an Anthropology degree make you think coding, journalism and documentary filmmaking? Riani Kenyon, final year Anthropology BSc student, will tell you about some skills you might not expect to gain during your degree with us.