UCL Institute of the Americas



The Institute of the Americas occupies a unique position at the core of academic study of the region in the UK, promoting, coordinating and providing a focus for research and postgraduate teaching on the Americas - Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States.

Research on the Americas and general interest in the region has been growing steadily in the UK in recent years. Public knowledge of the politics, societies and cultures of the Americas has consequently widened. 

As part of the Institute's mission to promote specialist regional and comparative knowledge of the Americas, the Institute complements its teaching and research programmes by creating, supporting and coordinating national and international scholarly networks. It actively participates in knowledge exchange, and organises its own large programme of public lectures, seminars and specialist symposia serving the scholarly, diplomatic and public policy communities.  

For individual staff research projects and profiles, as well as their publications, please see our Academic Staff pages. To learn about the work carried out by our graduate research students, please visit the Current Research Students page.

We are also proud to support the UCL Americas Research Network, run by graduate research students and early career researchers at the Institute of the Americas.

The research carried out at the Institute is principally in nineteenth and twentieth century history and in the social sciences, (notably in the fields of politics, human rights, globalisation, development policy, and environmental sociology as well as through interdisciplinary perspectives on gender, 'race' and ethnicity). 

Our programme of stipendiary and non-stipendiary Visiting Fellowships is also designed to strengthen the connections with colleagues and universities across the Hemisphere as well as to promote a dynamic flow of knowledge exchange.