Advanced Research Computing


Collaborations and consultancy

Collaborate with ARC’s expert research technology professionals to deliver your research vision.

ARC’s Research Technology Professionals (Research Infrastructure Developers, Research Software Engineers, Data Scientist, Research Stewards and Digital Research Managers) combine academic research experience with technology skills. We join UCL research teams, helping you discover and exploit computational methods to their full. Our work is not only about producing technical products on researchers' behalf; we work collaboratively, providing the tools, advice and training within a research team to enable best practice and build for the future.

Our primary engagement method is through adding our research professionals to teams on sponsored grants: do get in touch if you need research technology skills for your team.

However, we can help in other ways from free drop-in advice sessions to long-term research collaborations, technical supervision for research staff, or help with writing the technical sections of proposals. We cover all fields so do get in touch to discuss your ideas whatever they are. Our core professions can get involved in any activity, and we also have specialist subgroups shown below dedicated to particular research domains or technology areas.