Advanced Research Computing



Healthcare is a topic of interest to all, doctors, researchers and indeed the general public. Within the collaborations team we have a subset of people who specialise in working on healthcare projects

Research in this area can involve something as simple as conducting a survey and analysing the results to using Electronic Health Records (EHR) with machine learning to predict the number of people who will need hospitalization in a given time period.

We can provide expertise in every area of a project that takes EHR data, performs some sort of analysis, develops algorithms that can be used as part of the patient interaction process, creates a means for using this and deploys this solution within the hospital. We have experience collaborating with all of UCL’s partner hospitals, especially Great Ormond Street and UCLH. Our Research Software Engineers and Data Scientists can help you take your medical research from proof-of-concept on a static dataset to experimental deployment on live patient data within the hospital, following careful Information Governance processes and the best software management practises. We built the flagship Experimental Medicine Applications Platform at UCLH for translational data science healthcare research. The healthcare expertise available within ARC complements our strengths in Medical Imaging, Trusted Research Environments and Artificial Intelligence, with many staff working across these specialisms. We are thus well placed to support interdisciplinary or multimodal research endeavours.