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Medical Imaging Research Software Group

We aim to help the medical imaging community develop and maintain high quality software as well as providing solutions for storage and curation of data.

Medical image
The medical imaging research software group (MIRSG) is a subgroup of the Research Software Development group (RSDG) at UCL jointly run with Prof Geoff Parker at the Centre for Medical Imaging Computing (CMIC) and collaborating closely with the UCLH Clinical Research Informatics Unit.

The MIRSG aims to support the medical imaging research community by:

  • supporting software development for image analysis tools and their integration into wider platforms
  • providing GDPR and Information Governance compliant storage for medical imaging data and associated data (see the UCL XNAT Service)
  • supporting and documenting tools and platforms which support medical imaging (e.g. high performance computing)
  • providing general infrastructure support where required, including streamlining transfer of imaging data from our partner hospitals.

Currently we’re working closely with partners in a variety of UCL/UCLH groups and teams including the Dementia Research Centre (DRC), Centre for Medical Image Computing, Centre for Medical Imaging, MRC LHA.

Contact us

To enquire about medical imaging-related software development services or about making use of our XNAT provision, email the Research Software Development Group (arc.medical-imaging@ucl.ac.uk) with ‘Medical Imaging’ in the subject line.