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Moving during coronavirus

How students move into and out of UCL Accommodation has changed due to the pandemic. Please read this page carefully to ensure that you are fully informed on the correct procedures.

Due to the pandemic, we have had to put some policies and procedures in place to keep all students and staff safe whilst moving around site.

Before making any travel plans, we strongly advise that you review current Government rules about travelling to help reduce the spread of infection. More details and guidance are available on the UK Government website

I'm moving in

I'm moving out  

Moving in

How to book and manage your check-inYour check-in experience
Planning your journeyWhile you're travelling

How to book and manage your check-in

You must pre-book a time slot in advance of your planned arrival date.

  • If you wish to arrive before your contract start date, you must complete an Early Arrival Request. Your Early Arrival Request must be submitted online at least 3 working days before your intended arrival date. After this time you must email your hall office directly with your request. Please do not book any travel until we have confirmed your Early Arrival Request. 
  • If you will be arriving after your contract start date, you must submit a Late Arrival Notification on the accommodation portal. You are able to book your check-in slot through the portal. Once you have logged in, please select check-in on the top tab.
    1. You must book a timeslot at least 3 working days in advance. 
    2. Time slots are available 24 hours a day. Two per hour between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and one per hour outside of these times.
    3. If you become unable to attend your initial booked time slot, you will be able to cancel or rebook it through the portal. Please give as much notice as possible to give others the opportunity to take the original slot.
    4. Once your slot has been booked, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to further information about the check-in process. This will include the social distancing measures you will need to follow on site. This is also available to view below.
    5. You will not be permitted onsite unless you have booked and received confirmation of a check-in slot.
    6. Should you have travel issues on the day of your booked time slot, which may cause you to be late, please contact your site team directly to make them aware. They will then be prepared for your later arrival.

    The below must be followed at all times when on site:

    • You may bring one person with you to help you move in. They should wear a face covering (unless exempt) and leave the premises once you have brought all your belongings onto site. There will also be ambassadors on hand to help guide you on your arrival. Your hall team will be made aware of additional requirements indicated in your application that mean you need assistance.
    • We ask that you wear a face covering when moving around the building to help protect yourself and others.
    • It will be your responsibility to take your belongings to your room, however trolleys will be available.
    • We encourage you to pack items in a way that leaves as little rubbish to dispose of when unpacking, such as removing unnecessary cardboard or plastic packaging from items prior to arrival. 

    Your check-in experience

    • On arrival you may be asked to queue outside the building by one of our Accommodation Ambassadors. This is to reduce numbers of people in reception at any one time. Please be prepared for all types of weather when checking in (umbrellas in case of rain etc).
    • There will be ambassadors and staff on hand to help guide you on your arrival.
    • If you have made us aware of additional requirements in your application, your hall team will be made aware.
    • You may bring someone with you for assistance, but they must and leave once you are in your room. 
    • When entering your hall, you will be asked to sanitize your hands.
    • Please ensure you have a face covering with you.
    • Your identity will be checked before being provided with your check-in pack. This can be any photographic national or institutional identity document, including; your UCL student card, passport or driver’s licence. You may be asked to briefly remove your mask to confirm your identity.
    • Once you have checked-in and been given your keys, you will be asked to go straight to your room with your belongings.
    • You will not be allowed to leave any belongings in the reception area. There will be trolleys available to use to take your things to your room.

    Planning your journey

    • If you’re flying into London from overseas, please read Preparing to arrive in England - Travel advice.
    • Check in advance the best way to get to your accommodation from the airport. If you do need to use public transport, read the advice for safer travel from Transport for London. You might want to consider travelling at off-peak times, using quieter stations and booking tickets in advance or paying by contactless if you can. Download the UCL Go! App or Citymapper, that provide detailed instructions on how to get to your destination using public transport. Both are available for iPhone and Android.
    • If you are arriving by car, be aware of the parking restrictions surrounding UCL halls. Details for the nearest parking places will be available in the car parking photo album on our Facebook page. Arriving on a Sunday will give you the best chance of finding parking if you’re arriving by car. 

    While you're travelling

    • Follow local coronavirus guidance at all times. Advice for the UK can be found on the Government coronavirus website. The rules may be different in other countries. 
    • Wash your hands regularly.
    • Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces. 

    Moving out

    Before making any travel plans, please read Government guidelines to help reduce the spread of infection. More details and guidance are available on the UK Government website

    You must adhere by these guidelines when moving out of your hall:

    • You are permitted to bring 1 guest with you to assist with packing the room if needed. Your guest will have to sign in at reception on arrival and will be your responsibility whilst in the building. No other guests will be allowed and will have to remain off site.
    • Your guest should remain with you at all times within the building.
    • You and your guest should always wear face coverings when moving around the building.
    • You should bring your own packing materials ie boxes/tape/labels/refuse bags as the reception will have no packing materials available on site.
    • Please be aware that the site team will not be able to help you move your belongings. You must pack and vacate the building by the stated check out time of 10am.
    • If you, or your guest, are deemed to be a risk to yourself or others you will be asked to leave the site.

    Can't take all your belongings with you?

    If you cannot take all of the belonging with you at once UCL Accommodation has partnered with Lovespace to help with storage solutions.

    Lovespace offers a storage-by-the-box service. They can collect on the day of your choosing, store for as long as you need, and deliver back to any address in the Mainland UK. You can even order packing materials to arrive beforehand. 

    Visit Lovespace and quote LOVEUCL at the checkout to claim your discount

    Leaving your room 

    Don't forget to leave your keys! 

    When you leave, please ensure you return your keys by dropping the keys in the letterbox, or to staff at reception. If you do not return your keys you will still be liable for future accommodation fees. You could also be charged for a replacement set and a lock change, so please do not forget!

    If you are moving out when the reception is closed, please leave your keys in the office door letter box.


    Please make sure your room (including bathroom if en-suite) and kitchen are left clean and tidy and that you dispose of all food. Do not leave any belongings behind in your room. Charges are applicable if you leave your accommodation unclean on departure. Details of all charges can be found in the ‘Leaving your Hall’ section of the UCL Accommodation General Regulations and Guidance Handbook 2021-22

    Unwanted Items

    Coat hangers can be left in your wardrobe. Please make sure you throw away any unwanted items in the appropriate waste and recycling facilities available in your Hall. If you leave any belongings behind you may continue to be liable for any rent charges. 

    Belongings collection/storage

    If you have already left your accommodation you will need to collect your belongings by Saturday 25 June 2022. Find out how and all about your storage options on our dedicated belongings collection page.


    Unfortunately we cannot forward any post to you after you have left, it will be refused or returned to sender. Please make sure you have updated your address with any online shops you may use including Amazon and your bank etc. 

    Deposit refund

    Your deposit will be offset against your accommodation fees in your final term. If there is a credit left on your account, this will be refunded to you. So we can refund your accommodation deposit, or any accommodation fees, you must add your UK bank account details to PORTICO. Please see instructions below:

    1. Click My Money
    2. Select View/Update your bank details
    3. When asked to Select the source to input your bank details please select Residences refunds
    4. You will need your bank sort code, bank account number, bank branch name, and bank account name to successfully complete this section.

    If you are an international student and do not have a UK bank account, or if you have questions about any financial aspects of your contract, please contact the accommodation office via accommodation@ucl.ac.uk.