UCL Accommodation


Alternative accommodation providers

UCL offers limited accommodation to returning students and those who do not meet the eligibility criteria to be guaranteed university accommodation.

Purpose built student accommodation 

UCL Accommodation is striving to help UCL students find high quality accommodation at affordable prices. As the demand for accommodation exceeds the capacity of our own properties, we have partnered with strategic private providers and secured offers exclusively for UCL students. Please note that these offers are time and capacity limited, and the providers may change the prices subject to demand. 

If you’re interested in a hall where the offer for UCL students has expired, or the UCL quota was met, you can still apply for accommodation in these properties on the provider’s website for the price advertised by the provider.


Self-catered / CateredRoom Type (Glossary)Distance*
Student.comMixedVarious room typesN/A
Eleanor Rosa HouseSelf-CateredVarious room types6.5 miles (10.4 km)

 * from the Bloomsbury campus

Can't find what you're looking for?

We've secured special deals on rents for UCL students for all of the above accommodation. We hope you'll like it, but we also know that it may not be what you are looking for. If this is the case, check the information below to further your search. Please note that any accommodation not mentioned above may not have a discounted rate for UCL students.

UoL Housing Services

University of London Housing Services

We’ve teamed up with University of London Housing Services to offer you information and free legal advice on private accommodation.

Private partner providers


UCL Accommodation collaborates with a number of independent organisations offering private accommodation to students in London.

Housing Advice London

Housing Advice London

Housing Advice London covers everything you need to know about finding your perfect place, getting a good deal, fair contracts, and personal safety. Information was correct at the time of publishing.