Academic Manual


Section 8: The Curriculum Maintenance Cycle

Published for 2023-24

1.Departments are responsible for confirming the following for the next academic session (2024-2025) via the student record system: 
 a)Modules which are suspended;
 b)Detailed information for modules which are available in that academic session; and
 c)Changes to any programme diets
2.The dates by which departments must update curriculum data are published in the Student and Registry Services (SRS) calendar each year. 
3.The processes for maintaining curriculum data in the student record system  are not intended for capturing amendments to programmes and modules, or the creation on new modules. These should be submitted in line with the relevant regulations in Chapter 7 of the Academic Manual. The relevant teams in Education Services are responsible for the set-up of new modules and programmes in the student record system.
4.Further advice and support on the curriculum maintenance cycle can be obtained  from the Student Lifecycle team (lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk).