Academic Manual


Section 5: Quality review of Short courses

Published for 2021-22

5.1 Quality review of non-credit-bearing  Short Courses 5.2 Assessment of credit-bearing Short Courses

5.1 Quality review of non-credit-bearing  Short Courses 

1.All non-credit-bearing Short Courses should be subject to Annual Evaluation.
2.Annual Evaluations should follow the prompts on the Short Course Annual Evaluation Form.

As a minimum, this annual evaluation should encompass the following areas/core data categories:

  • Number of applicants
  • Number of Short Course Learners registered
  • Completion dates
  • Course evaluation/feedback from participants
4.Completed Annual Evaluation Forms should be submitted to the relevant UCL department by the annual deadlines set for the undergraduate and taught postgraduate Annual Student Experience Review (ASER) cycles. Annual Evaluations should feed into the ASER process and action-planning undertaken by UCL departments.

5.2 Quality review of credit-bearing Short Courses

1.Pending the development of the CIQ for credit-bearing Short Courses and a quality review process for standalone credit-bearing Short Courses (see 4.2.1.ii), all current credit-bearing Short Courses should be subject to the quality assurance requirements defined in the Quality Review Framework section of the UCL Academic Manual.