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Delivering excellent systems: review of progress

Our aspiration is to have agile, efficient and effective processes that are simple to use and that deliver the right results first time, limiting the burdens of administration on our staff.

Case study: The new Staff Intranet

Staff Intranet front page
UCL’s new staff intranet replaced the old staff gateway page in July 2019, providing staff with a one-stop shop for help with completing everyday tasks and accessing staff communications.

Before the intranet’s launch, key information for staff was found on various webpages containing potentially confusing guidance and instructions, and was spread across multiple websites.

UCL’s Digital Presence team, alongside Communications and Marketing and a cross-divisional Content Delivery and Governance group, set out to transform the fragmented information into a single intranet. Information on the new intranet is clearly signposted and that contains easy to follow guidance and relevant communications to help staff perform processes and administration tasks efficiently, leaving them more time to focus on their roles.

By using an agile approach and applying best practice design principles from the Government Digital Service (GDS) – a world leader in public sector digital innovation – the team launched the first version of the intranet as a beta earlier in the year and gathered data from users to help inform improvements to the site. The new intranet provides: a central task library with new clear step-by-step guides to help staff complete everyday tasks from booking travel to requesting parental leave; improved signposting to other staff information across UCL’s digital estate; and a new central staff communication channel – Life at UCL – to keep staff up to date with news, announcements and opportunities to get involved in the UCL community.

The intranet team will continue to build upon the intranet into 2020 and beyond.

Image: Staff ntranet front page 

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