UCL 2034


Financing our ambitions

Objectives relating to this key enabler:

  • To generate sufficient annual surpluses that allow us to invest for sustainability over the long-term;
  • To ensure that resources are allocated in ways that encourage desired behaviour;
  • To ensure that growth is fully costed and sustainable on an enduring basis, and seek to take advantage of new sources of income that can potentially generate a surplus for reinvestment;
  • To enable appropriate financial and infrastructure planning for all new developments, specifically including the ongoing UCL Capital programme, UCL East, the Queen Square development, REF2020, planned improvements in both the quality and the cost efficiency of UCL support services, any actions arising from the Size and Shape project, and faculty driven initiatives approved as part of the annual planning process;
  • Seek value for money (economy, efficiency and effectiveness) in all our activities, with a particular emphasis on the contribution from procurement;
  • Monitor the volume of philanthropic income at a level that enhances our ability to deliver the strategy.