Molecular Interactions Facility

Institute of Structural & Molecular Biology
University College London
Darwin Building
Gower Street
London   WC1E 6BT

steve-Mol-Int-facility smaller-ismb-logo jay-mol-int-facility
Professor Stephen Perkins
  Jayesh Gor - Facilities Manager

The Structural Immunology Group maintains a Molecular Interactions  Facility for UCL Biosciences.  Three methods (AUC, SAXS, SANS) involve interactions in solution while two other methods (SPR, DPI) involve interactions at surfaces.  The Facility is overseen by Professor Perkins and is managed by Jayesh Gor.  It is down to each individual user to dedicate sufficient time to the project and arrange sufficient training from GE or Beckman-Coulter.  We are interested in collaborations if this is what you wish to do.  For all our users (including research students), we provide written training protocols and guidance for experimental plans and there is usually someone in the group who is willing to assist with measurements or subsequent data processing.

You can contact either Professor Perkins or Jayesh Gor via email by clicking on the names underneath their photos.

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