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Head of Research Department:  Professor Snezana Djordjević
Executive Assistant:  Tabitha Owen

Research Leaders

Teaching Leaders

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Research Leaders

Kristine Arnvig

Mycobacterial Riboregulators

Kate Bowers

The trafficking and regulation of ion transporters

Frances Brodsky

The biochemistry, cell biology and physiological functions of clathrin proteins

Lisa Cabrita

Co-translational protein misfolding and human disease

John Christodoulou

Integrative structural biology of protein folding during biosynthesis on the ribosome

Snezana Djordjević

Structural biology of signalling

Franca Fraternali

Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics

Jérôme Gouge

Molecular basis of the oxidative stress response

Ivan Gout

Protein CoAlation and antioxidant functions of Coenzyme A in health and disease

Flemming Hansen

Protein dynamics and interactions by NMR spectroscopy

Brian Ho

Contact-dependent secretion systems in microbial communities

Matilda Katan

Signal transduction in disease: application of multidisciplinary approaches

Graeme King

Single molecule biophysics

Alan Lowe

Single-molecule biophysics and quantitative imaging

Amandine Maréchal

Cytochrome c oxidase: structure, function and malfunction

Andrew Martin

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Harry McClelland

Quantitative microbiology and biogeochemistry

Christine Orengo

Bioinformatics - Prediction of protein function and functional networks

Andrew Osborne

Protein export by the malaria parasite

Stephen Perkins

Structural Immunology

Saul Purton

Algal Biology and Biotechnology

Dan Raleigh

The biophysics and cell biology of protein misfolding diseases

Andres Ramos

RNA regulation

Peter Rich

Molecular Bioenergetics and IR Spectroscopy Medical Diagnostics

Joanne Santini

Microbial metabolism and its impact on the environment and human health

Elizabeth Shephard

Flavin-containing monooxygenases, genetics, drugs and the microbiome

Kaila Srai

Nutrients (Fe, Zn, Mn, glucose and Phosphate) homeostasis in health and disease

Konstantinos Thalassinos

Structural Mass Spectrometry

Andrea Townsend-Nicholson

Molecular cloning and functional characterization of cell surface receptors and transporters

Gabriel Waksman

Structural and Molecular Biology of Bacterial Secretion Systems

Finn Werner

Mechanisms and regulation of RNA polymerase transcription

Hasan Yardimci

Single Molecule imaging of genome duplication and maintenance

Giulia Zanetti

Cryo-electron microscopy of coat proteins


Teaching Leaders

Amanda Cain

Associate Professor (Teaching)
Head of Teaching

Charmian Dawson

Lecturer (Teaching)

Eleni Makrinou

Lecturer (Teaching)

Toryn Poolman

Lecturer in Molecular Biosciences (Teaching)

Suzanne Ruddy

Lecturer (Teaching)

Renée Vancraenenbroeck

Lecturer (Teaching)



Technology and Facilities Support 

Declan BarkerDepartmental Radiation Protection Supervisordeclan.barker@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 0477
Internal: 30477
Mina EdwardsCell Culture Lab Technicianmina.edwards@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 2252
Internal: 32252
Jayesh GorMolecular Interactions Facility Managerj.gor@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 2989 
Internal: 32989
Khushboo MatwaniCD and ITC Facilitieskhushboo.matwani.17@ucl.ac.uk 
Angelo Mendes Pinto De FiguNMR Spectroscopy Facility Managerm.figu@ucl.ac.uk 
James MichaelsDarwin Building Operations and Safety Officerj.michaels@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 7374 
Internal: 37374
Adolfo Quinones LombranaDarwin Research Facility Managera.quinones@ucl.ac.uk

020 7679 2728
Internal: 32728

Thushyanthi SivagnanamDepartmental Safety Officer (DSO)t.sivagnanam@ucl.ac.uk

020 7679 2676
Internal: 32676

Other Professional Support

Stavroula Lialiou         

Senior Finance Officer      
& Inclusion Officer                                           

s.lialiou@ucl.ac.uk020 3549 5470
Internal: 65470
Tabitha Owen  

Executive Assistant for SMB
& Inclusion Officer 

tabitha.owen@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 2308
Internal: 32308
Cyndy ThooiISMB Centre Assistantc.thooi@ucl.ac.uk

020 3108 5472
Internal:  55472

Biosciences IT                            itservices@ucl.ac.uk020 7679 5000
Internal: 25000
Biosciences OperationsBuilding and Health & Safety Queriesbiosciences-operations@ucl.ac.uk 

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