This introduces the exhibition ‘Grey Matters: Graphite’ at the Fitzwilliam Museum held in November 2011 – March 2012. The book by Jane Munro provides an illustrated analysis of the many works featured in the show. It includes an historical overview of the material, it’s origins and many uses over four centuries. Graphite

Historic notes on preparations

CONSISE NOTES ON PREPARATION OF GROUNDS, PRIMINGS AND OTHER MATERIALS. by Arthur Lucas Former Keeper of Conservation The National Gallery, London   In 1950 Arthur Lucas was invited by the Slade Professor, Sir William Coldstream to lecture and demonstrate the methods and materials of painting to Slade students, who previously (since the 1930’s) had been taught a course called Chemistry of Painter’s Materials, by Mr H Terrey from the department of chemistry. Lucas taught twice weekly lectures and the Methods and Materials Room in the basement of the Slade was established. The room, now a sculpture studio, had a double Read more

The Methods Room

The Methods Room is Studio 2 of Graduate painting. It’s where material related questions are investigated and problems solved. Each week the Material Research Project hosts an event such as a seminar, technical talk or materials ‘surgery’ in the Methods Room, Onya McCausland is there to work through ideas and material related questions for students across all areas of the school. If you have a material related enquiry that you would like support with come to studio 2 on Fridays and Onya will attempt to help you out.

The Materials Research Project

Introduction A defining characteristic of Graduate Painting is the rich diversity of approaches to painting that includes paint on panels and stretched canvas, indoor and outdoor murals and installation-based painting in which objects, moving images, photography, printmaking and performative art can play a significant role.   This richness is shaped both by the culturally diverse international student cohort, and by the different practices of the four artists who teach on the programme. These artists share a deep fascination with material culture and its relation to artistic transformation – this underlines the pedagogic thrust of the programme.   The Materials Research Read more