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The UCL Neuroscience Domain brings together all UCL neuroscientists to make fundamental discoveries about brain function and behaviour, to train the next generation of scientists and clinicians, and to transform our ability to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders.


Events & Seminars

28 March, 2017‘Modulation of visual attention by prismatic adaptation’
29 March, 2017Neurology 2017: Preparing for the Speciality Certificate Exam
29 March, 2017“Neuromuscular disorder genetics: what is the best that we can do?”
30 March, 2017Neurology 2017: Leading Edge Neurology for the Practising Clinician
30 March, 2017‘Non-invasive peripheral brain-Neural Mechanisms for Predicting the Sensory Consequences of Behaviour’
5 April, 2017Getting Your Paper Published: The Peer Review Process
6 April, 2017Sex differences in the needs of men and women in therapy
6 April, 2017Synaptopathies Seminar Series: 'How Inhibition in Primary Sensory Cortex Enables the Detection of Novelty'
6 April, 2017 ‘Holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation: online and interactive?’
7 April, 2017'Going round in circles: development of the zebrafish semicircular canal system’
10 April, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
11 April, 2017ALS Seminar: title tbc
11 April, 2017Changing Expectations: reconsidering science careers
20 April, 2017"The role of inflammatory mechanisms in progressive MS: insights from neuropathology"
20 April, 2017Engaging policymakers and the media
21 April, 2017Brain Meeting
26 April, 2017Developmental Neurosciences Seminar Series: Presentations on areas of research in the Developmental Neurosciences and other Programmes within GOS Institute of Child Health
26 April, 2017Science Museum Late Event
27 April, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: Neuromics
28 April, 2017UCL School of Pharmacy: Title TBC
3 May, 2017A Celebration of the Life and Work of Professor Brian Neville
5 May, 2017Brain Meeting
12 May, 2017Batten disease
17 May, 2017IMN Seminar Series: ‘Shedding light on the brainstem control of locomotion’
18 May, 20175th Paediatric Neuropsychology International Symposium
19 May, 2017Brain Meeting
23 May, 2017Update in Neuromuscular Disorders
25 May, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
26 May, 2017Brain Meeting
30 May, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: How the brain learns from examples and Causality in mind: learning, reasoning and blaming
1 June, 2017CNT Seminar: "CEST-MRI: from bench to bedside"
2 June, 2017Brain Meeting
7 June, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
9 June, 2017Brain Meeting
12 June, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: Revisiting Mama and Papa
13 June, 2017ALS Seminar: Should we target spinal microcircuits to treat ALS?
15 June, 2017Is having a haircut good for your mental health?
16 June, 20172017 UCL Neuroscience Symposium
22 June, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: "The random walk of translational MR Physics" and "Improving our understanding of MS using imaging"
22 June, 2017WIBR Cafe Seminar: 'How do we sleep?'
28 June, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: Bridging research and practice in child mental health: Tales from the swampy lowlands
28 June, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
5 July, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
6 July, 2017CNT Seminar: Parallel transmit and its applications at ultra-high field
10 July, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
13 July, 2017Brain Sciences Inaugural Lectures: The developmental course and functional impact of childhood language disorders
14 July, 2017UCL School of Pharmacy postdoctoral research and careers day
9 October, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series

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