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Frank Fish Memorial Lecture 2016

Traditional medicine is part of the primary health care in many countries of the world – and a large market in Europe, in the form of complementary medicine.

Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu

Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu wins Innovative Science Award

At the recent annual International APS PharmSci conference organised by the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu was awarded the Innovative Science Award, sponsored by GSK for her work on translating science into practice. More...

Brain cogs

Be The Change UCL Pharmacy Students NHS Quality Improvement University Championship 2016 Winners

Established in September 2015, UCL Be The Change is a large student-led initiative consisting of medical and pharmacy students, running throughout the year and working on quality improvement projects. More...

Expectant mother

Higher pregnancy rate in women without appendix and tonsil

A research paper entitled “Association between prior appendectomy and/or tonsillectomy in women and subsequent pregnancy rate: a cohort study” has received wide publicity including BBC news. More...

Ebola virus

School of Pharmacy sharing knowledge about zika and ebola in Global Citizenship Programme

Disease knows no borders; it travels with the highest winds and lowest waters, on ships and aeroplanes, and in the end, disease is rarely denied entry. The Grand Challenges course, Outbreak, run by Oksana Pyzik and Sudax Murdan examined the spread of infectious disease such as ebola and zika virus, and the forms of international cooperation that are needed to combat it. More...

Nadia Bukhari

National and international news coverage for Nadia Bukhari

Nadia Bukhari was recently confirmed as the youngest female and the youngest Asian to be awarded the status of Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. More...

Child taking medicine

Dr Catherine Tuleu in top 2 of most influential medicine makers

Dr Catherine Tuleu is in the top 2 of The Medicine Maker magazine 2016 Power List of the most influential people in drug development for her work in the field of paediatric medicine. More...