New students

Congratulations and Welcome to UCL!

This website is designed to help you to understand what you will be expected to do during your first few weeks at UCL in order to formally become a member of the UCL community, allowing you to concentrate on the more exciting aspects of studying at one of the world’s most prestigious universities.There are three stages to this process: red - Initial Actions (most important), amber - Next Steps and green - Additional Steps. The stages and related tasks are shown on the left of each page.

If you are an applicant and have accepted a place to study at UCL this website will help guide you through the period up to enrolment, giving details of support available to new UCL students adapting to university life and living in London.

Initial actions

Your First Steps

The tasks in red are your first steps on the road to becoming a UCL student, before and after you arrive. Before you arrive, you will be invited to pre-enrol which will give you early access to some of UCL's online services. You will then need to enrol in person when you arrive so that we can check your ID and complete your registration. You will also need to ensure that your fees are paid, details on how to pay your fees can be found on the fees website.

Simply follow the links on the left of the homepage to find out more about these tasks.

Next steps

Your Next Steps

Having completed the first three steps you should now get your ID card to allow you access to buildings, the library and other services. There are a number of other steps which you need to complete in order to help you settle in more quickly and get off to the best start possible. It is important to familiarise yourself with Portico (the UCL Student Information Service). You should also introduce yourself and register with your department, who will look forward to welcoming you and giving you key information about your programme of study, which may include module selection.

Have a look at the links on the left of the homepage for more information about these next few steps.

Additional steps

Additional Steps

These final additional steps aim to help ensure that your time at UCL is as happy, fulfilling and productive as possible. Registering with a doctor means that you can get medical advice as soon as you need it; opening a student bank account helps to keep your money secure and ease the pressure of living on a budget. Exploring the library early will mean quicker access to academic resources, and students with disabilities can register for specialist support from the Student Disability Services team. Finally, take time to read about the discounts available to students travelling in the UK - we want to make sure that you make the most of your time here, even when you're not studying.

For more details, please follow the links on the left of the homepage.

Welcome from the Provost

Provost Michael Arthur

"As the Provost of UCL it is my pleasure to welcome you to University College London. You are joining a leading world-class institution that prides itself on being 'London’s Global University' and we welcome you as full members and partners in our outstanding university community.

We aim to ensure that, from the outset, your experience here will be of the very highest quality. We have an experienced team to support you through the formalities of becoming a UCL student. Don't hesitate to make full use of them. It is our intention that you will make the transition into being a student at UCL seamlessly, and that your time here will be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences of your life."

More information about UCL's President and Provost


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Check out our videos for new students - they are designed to give you a short introduction to the things that UCL can offer you.