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UCL is Europe’s research powerhouse in neuroscience. We are ranked second in the world, and first in Europe, in neuroscience and behaviour by Thomson ISI Essential Science Indicators, with more than twice as many publications and citations as any other European institution. UCL Neuroscience researchers generate over 30% of the country’s contribution to the most highly cited publications in neuroscience, more than twice as much as any other university. In neuroimaging and clinical neurology, UCL produces 65% and 44% of the UK's contribution to the world's most highly cited papers, five-fold larger than that of the next highest UK institution.

UCL Neuroscience brings together over 450 principal investigators who conduct this world-leading work in seven themes that reflect the strength of neuroscience at UCL. Browse the work by broad research theme or select individual researchers for an in-depth look. UCL provides one of the best international environments to educate and train the next generation of research leaders and attract the best students. Uniquely in the UK, our basic neuroscience research can be translated into new ways of diagnosing and treating disease through our vibrant partnerships with three large and generously funded Comprehensive and Specialist Biomedical Centres.

Neuroscience is a strategic priority for UCL, accounting for over one third of UCL’s entire research income. Our success is built not just on world-class infrastructure but fundamentally on the people who make up UCL Neuroscience. Our vision is to build upon our existing excellence by investing in research teams that make fundamental discoveries linking neural circuits and behaviour, in order to become the world’s leading neuroscience institution.