Domain Chair:

Prof. Trevor Smart

Domain Coordinator:

Dr Matt Wakelin

Communication and Events Officer:

Rachel Heatley


Seminars & Events

24 April, 2014TBC
25 April, 2014Inhibitory field potentials
1 May, 2014IMN Seminar: Cortical and subcortical neuronal mechanisms for effort-based decision making
1 May, 2014Modelling non-invasive brain stimulation
2 May, 2014Regulation of stem cell activity in the adult brain
2 May, 2014UCL School of Pharmacy seminar series: Regulation of stem cell activity in the adult brain
8 May, 2014Special Seminar: The temporal dynamics of sleep: cortical mechanisms and functional significance
9 May, 2014TBC
9 May, 2014UCL School of Pharmacy seminar series: Dissociable roles of extrasynaptic GABAA receptors on D1 and D2 neurones in conditioned reward
13 May, 2014IMN Seminar: Creation and control of mind-oriented movements
15 May, 2014IMN Seminar: Integration of neuroimaging and intraoperative neurophysiology for intrinsic brain tumor removal
19 May, 20144th UK Paediatric Neuropsychology Symposium
19 May, 2014Dystroglycan Glycosylation during Muscle Development and Regeneration
19 May, 2014Generating social trust in the 21st century
21 May, 2014Research Department of Mental Health of Older People: A Showcase of Dementia Research at UCL
22 May, 2014First Frequency Following Response Workshop
22 May, 2014TBC
23 May, 2014UCL School of Pharmacy seminar series: Wnt/?-catenin signaling cascade in partnership with glia dictate midbrain dopaminergic neuron survival, neuroprotection and regeneration
5 June, 2014Imaging local neuronal activity
6 June, 2014UCL School of Pharmacy seminar series: Role of the extracellular matrix protein reelin in the physiopathological maturation of prefrontal circuits
19 June, 20142014 UCL Neuroscience Symposium
19 June, 20142nd Queen Square Upper Limb Neurorehabilitation Course
26 June, 2014IMN Seminar: TBC
26 June, 2014Mental Health and Schools; Opportunities and Costs
30 June, 2014UCL School of Pharmacy seminar series: Diverse intracellular signalling mechanisms regulating M-type (KCNQ) K+ channels in neurons
3 July, 2014European Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society (EMCCS)- FENS 6th meeting
3 July, 2014System-wide structural and molecular analysis of large-scale intact biological samples
21 July, 2014Application of antisense oligonucleotides for neuromuscular disorders
1 September, 2014Understanding the early pathological events in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
6 October, 2014Mechanisms regulating myogenesis, myofiber growth and muscle fibrosis
3 November, 2014Mitochondrial quality control in mitochondrial neuropathies
1 December, 2014Inflammatory neuropathy