UCL Laws mooting teams able to attend prestigious competitions

27 January 2011

It has been another busy and successful year of mooting which has been supported directly by alumni gifts made in 2011-2012 to the UCL Faculty of Laws.

The Faculty places a great deal of emphasis on mooting, giving their students the opportunity to combine their academic studies with what it is like to be a real lawyer.

UCL Mooting

The moots are organised by the UCL Student Law Society's Mooting Officers. The competitions are both internal and external, i.e against other UCL law students and against students from other colleges.

Alumni donations have greatly helped those students involved in the moots, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, in particular with the cost of travel to these prestigious competitions. This crucial support has enabled UCL Laws to enter teams in a wide range of international and national competitions, such as the Jessup international law moot, the Vis arbitration moot, the European Court of Human Rights moot and the Oxford intellectual property moot.

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