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Louise's story - Impact Studentship

Publication date:

Medical imaging

In September 2012, Louise began a PhD research project at the UCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging (CABI), a new multidisciplinary research centre. Louise receives financial support for her research through the UCL Impact Studentship, a programme designed to attract researchers with the highest scientific skills to the field of biomedical and life sciences. The generous funding donated to the programme not only transforms the lives of PhD students, but also enables them to make a meaningful contribution to medical research at UCL and on a global scale.

Jeremy prepares for Xtreme Everest expedition

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Jeremy prepares for everest expedition

Xtreme Everest is a dedicated team of intensive care doctors, nurses and scientists. They conduct experiments on themselves and other volunteers at high altitude in order to develop novel therapies to improve the survival rates of patients in intensive care. Alumni gifts have helped to support the volunteers who participate in these expeditions, which provide practical knowledge that can be translated to the intensive care wards in our hospitals.

Innovation at the Institute of Making

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Institute of Making

The Institute of Making held a Christmas make session on 12 December 2012 at the UCL Engineering Café. UCL staff, students, alumni and friends explored some of the wonders of the material world in a series of free making workshops. Visitors experimented with dipping, casting, folding, coating and constructing using wax, chocolate, paper, pewter and even got hands on carving moulds out of cuttlefish bone. Over 150 people attended the event and the Institute of Making team brought the scientific processes behind pewter casting and electroplating to chocolate tempering and sugar crystallisation to life. The team posted a big cast pewter thumbs up to all those who attended the event. 

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