LMCB - MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology


Pierre Maillard

25 Jun 16:00
Antiviral RNA interference in mammals: control of an ancestral immune system

Early Career Seminar | Chris Rowlands

29 Jun 14:30
Biophotonic Microscopy Instrumentation: seeing faster, deeper and smaller
Speaker Affiliation: Imperial College London

Sally Temple

10 Sep 16:00
Stem cell approaches to age-related neurodegenerative disease
Speaker Affiliation: Neural Stem Cell Institute

Simona Parrinello

24 Sep 16:00
Title TBD
Speaker Affiliation: UCL Cancer Institute

Marc Kirschner

9 Oct 14:00
Title TBD
Speaker Affiliation: Harvard Medical School

Johanna Ivaska

21 Jan 16:00
Mechanosensitive regulation of cancer and pluripotency
Speaker Affiliation: Turku Centre for Biotechnology