UCL Ear Institute


CPD courses

We specialise in providing training programmes for ENT medics, audiologists and associated health-care professionals. Our courses are ENT UK (RCP), BAA and/or BSHAA accredited.

Our CPD courses are delivered by our in house experts, including world renown UCLH head and neck consultants and audiology experts and often feature eminent keynote speakers from around the world. Our courses cater for a wide range of skill levels; from revision for junior doctors to specialist best practice training for consultants.

Course Title
Structure Start Date
Introduction to Ear Care and Micro-suctioning
Medics & Audiologists 2 day course
30 Sept 2016
Course for the Intercollegiate FRCS Examination in Otolaryngology Medics
3 day course
21 Sep 2016
Nose Week: The Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastics Course Medics
2 day course 3 Oct 2016
Nose Week: An Endoscopic Approach to Rhinosinusitis Medics
3.5 day course 5 Oct 2016
Advances in the Medical and Surgical Management of Snoring & OSA
1 day course 16 Nov 2016
A Practical Approach to Airway Management Medics 1 day course 18 Nov 2016
Rehabilitation for Adults with Acquired Hearing Loss Audiologists
3 day course 7 Dec 2016
Counselling for Hearing Healthcare Professionals Audiologists 10 week course (Monday afternoons)
Jan 2017 TBC
Paediatric Assessment Audiologists
5 week course (Fridays)
Jan 2017 TBC
Tinnitus & Hyperacusis
Audiologists 3 day course Jan 2017 TBC
Paediatric Habilitation Audiologists 5 week course (Fridays)
Feb 2017 TBC 
Advanced Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation
Audiologists 3 day course 20 Mar 2017
Vestibular Rehabilitation  Audiologists 3 day course
5 April 2017 TBC
Advances in Auditory Implants
Medics & Audiologists
3 day course
Nov 2017 TBC
Auditory Processing Disorders Audiologists 4 day course Feb 2018 TBC