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Audiology Taster Course

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Audiology Taster Course

This online short course from the Ear Institute will give you an introduction into the world of audiology and areas of research within the field.

It's for anyone who's thinking about studying audiology or just wants to learn more about hearing and deafness.

There are six modules, covering a range of topics such as hair cells and cochlear implants.

For each topic, you'll watch short videos and animations, with scientific explanations given in accessible and engaging way.

Who this course is for

This course is designed for:

  • undergraduates considering pathways to audiology
  • postgraduates considering further study
  • school leavers who are considering their career choices
  • anyone who is curious about hearing and deafness

Course content

The course has six modules: 

  • The amazing hearing system
  • Looking at hair cells
  • Introduction to cochlear implants
  • The experience of tinnitus
  • Living with hearing loss
  • Balance

Teaching and structure

For each of the five modules you'll watch approximately 20 minutes of video, split up into sections.

After watching these videos, you'll:

  • be encouraged to comment on what you've seen
  • complete a short quiz to test your understanding of what you've learnt
  • be directed to further reading and additional resources

Learning outcomes

This course will help you:

  • appreciate how the hearing system works
  • recognise and understand key audiological concepts
  • gain insight into what area of audiology interests you
  • discover whether audiology appeals to you as a career
  • begin preparing to study audiology

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