UCL Ear Institute


Advances in Auditory Implants

The course is designed for all those who wish to get involved or are already currently involved in cochlear implants, at all levels and in all disciplines.

Dates: 2 - 3 December 2020

Developing evidence-based practice

The Ear Institute is ideally placed as being part of UCL and situated next door to the Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital, the main post grad training hospital for ENT in the UK and home to the first ever cochlear implant team in the UK.




The course  aims to provide the student with a good understanding of the entire process of cochlear implantation and an insight into the auditory implant team and the individual professional roles. The module focusses on current research and the impact on clinical practice.  
Participants will gain insight into key issues currently debated in the field of auditory implantation and understand the clinical approaches taken with the different auditory implant systems.  

The course will be run fully online this year, with a variety of  interactive learning material appearing on a dedicated website from Thursday 12 November 2020, which students can work through at their own pace. Two synchronous teaching days with live guest speakers and discussions will be conducted in a virtual classroom on 2 and 3 December.

Core themes will be:

  • Candidacy and fitting
  • Surgery and objective measures
  • Maximising outcomes and future directions
  • Impact of COVID-19 on implant services


Confirmed guest speakers are:

Blake Papsin, University of Toronto

Kevin Franck, Harvard University

Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, University of Colarado

Deborah Vickers, University of Cambridge

Course organizers: Carolina Leal and Shak Saeed


  • Two synchronous teaching days with live guest speakers and discussions will be conducted in a virtual classroom on 2 and 3 December.


Day 1: Wednesday 2 December

09:30 am     Carolina Leal, Prof Saeed     Introduction
10.00 am    Prof Saeed            Cochlear Implant Consensus
11:00 am    Terry Emery & Jeanann Doyle    Meet a Cochlear Implant user
11:40 am     Break
12:00 pm     Carolina Leal        Workshop
12:45 pm     Lunch
14:00 pm     Covid19 Panel discussion
15:00 pm     Break            
15:20 pm     Prof Christine Yoshinag- Itano    Journal Club
15:50 pm     End of day discussion

16:00 pm     Finish

Day 2: Thursday 3 December

10:00 am     Carolina Leal, Prof Saeed     Introduction
10.15 am    Dr Debi Vickers        Journal club
11:00 am     CI Manufacturers        Round table discussion     
11:40 am     Break

12:00 pm   Prof Nick Lesica        Q&A

12:30 pm    Prof Stuart Rosen        Tutorial
13:15 pm     Lunch
14:00 pm     Prof Saeed            Surgeries: video commentary
15:00 pm     End of day discussion and activity
15:30 pm     Finish


Seeking approval for 2020. 2019 course was accredited with 18 CPD points (6 per day) by ENT-UK.

ENT-UK CPD Kitemark 2019


For more information please contact: ricky.kemp@ucl.ac.uk

Price: £360

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