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Tackling the global epidemic of dementia

Our vision is for a redeveloped Queen Square House that is the leading neuroscience centre in the world, making decisive contributions to our understanding of ways to diagnose, prevent and treat dementia and other globally important neurological diseases, improving patient outcomes and training the next generation of neuroscience leaders. When complete, it will be the most comprehensive, coordinated neuroscience centre in the world, including a dedicated Dementia Research Institute.

For further information about how UCL is meeting the challenge of Dementia you can visit our dedicated dementia website: www.ucl.ac.uk/dementia

Destroying Dementia

Destroying Dementia

"Even though I see this disease on a professional level every day, I still find the stories heartbreaking,” Professor Nick Fox, Director Dementia Research Centre

UCL Dementia Retail Partnership

UCL Dementia Retail Partnership

The UCL Dementia Retail Partnership is a unique coalition. Nine UK retailers have agreed to pledge millions of pounds raised from the carrier bag charge, to support the development of a new world-class dementia research institute at UCL.