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Professional services careers

Find out about the opportunities offered and why our staff think UCL is a unique place to work.

Professional Services roles across UCL

Our staff in professional services roles work across university departments and faculties – in HR, finance, communications, strategy, libraries, health, wellbeing and support, they manage laboratories, as well as providing essential administration to ensure the smooth running of the university.

Why UCL?

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Learning and developing new skills

We have an extensive training portfolio available to staff to help you develop key skills – from leadership training and project management to managing people and personal effectiveness.

  • Hundreds of courses to choose from
  • Erasmus+ development opportunities
  • Coaching and mentoring to help you achieve your aspirations

Widening your network and trying new skills

UCL is a large university, with over 4,000 members of staff working in professional services roles across UCL, primarily in Bloomsbury but also in East London, North London and the Surrey Hills. Connecting with colleagues in different sites can help to enhance your career experience at UCL and there are lots of different ways to connect.

  • Join a Community of Practice – these bring together groups of staff from across UCL who perform similar functions and provide staff with opportunities to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and expertise while working together on self-selected projects.
  • Become a Champion for something you’re passionate about  – we have many different Champion networks including: health and wellbeing, equality diversity and inclusion, sustainability, data and IT.

Career progression

You'll have access to a number of initiatives to help you develop and progress your career within the university.

  • UCL's innovative and comprehensive Career Pathways map job families across different professional areas and help to align the way we talk about experience, transferable skills and development, supporting your career development within and across job families throughout the university. 
  • UCL Ways of Working is a behavioural framework which shares expectations around how we work and what's expected of us at all levels, and includes support on identifying areas of development and how to turn them into strengths. This is a great tool to support you in appraisals and when planning your next career step. 
  • Secondment opportunities with different departments are regularly advertised and can be a great way to gain new experience or step up into a higher grade.
  • Our mid-tier apprenticeships are also a great way to gain a professional, recognised qualification on the job. 


What it's like to work in a professional services role at UCL

Lloyd Naylor, who works in IT shares his experiences and why he made the move to work in higher education.  

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