EGA Institute for Women's Health


Education team

Co-Director of Education 

Suzy Buckley
Dr Suzy Buckley
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Email: suzy.buckley@ucl.ac.uk   

Co-Director of Education

Dr Mariya Hristova
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Email: m.hristova@ucl.ac.uk

Graduate Tutor Research 

Dr Sioban Sen Gupta

Dr Sioban Sen Gupta
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Email: sioban.sengupta@ucl.ac.uk

Programme Director, MSc Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine 


Pascale Guillot, EGA Institute for Women's Health
Dr Pascale Guillot
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Email: p.guillot@ucl.ac.uk

Programme Director, MSc Women's Health 

Zeynep Gurtin, Lecturer, Women's Health, IfWH
Dr Zeynep Gurtin
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Email: z.gurtin@ucl.ac.uk


Programme Director MSc Reproductive Science and Women's Health

Dr Vasanti Jadva

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Email: v.jadva@ucl.ac.uk 

Programme Director MRes Reproductive Science and Women's Health

Dr Jens Madsen
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Email: jens.madsen@ucl.ac.uk 

Programme Director MSc Obstetric Ultrasound and Fetal Medicine

Dr Raffaele Napolitano


Email: r.napolitano@ucl.ac.uk

Medical Education Lead

Miss Melissa Whitten

Miss Melissa Whitten

Email: melissa.whitten@ucl.ac.uk

Integrated Clinical Academic Training (iCAT)

Dimitrios Siassakos, EGA Institute for Women's Health, UCL

Prof Dimitrios Siassakos
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Email: d.siasakos@ucl.ac.uk


Divisional MBBS Module Co-ordinator (WH/MH B Year 5)

jenny Rattray

Mrs Jenny Rattray

Tel: 020 3108 9249 - Royal Free Campus
Tel: 020 7679 0837 (internal: 40837) - Bloomsbury Campus 
Email: j.rattray@ucl.ac.uk

Teaching Administrator

Wendy Pereira

Mrs Wendy Pereira

Tel: 020 7679 0839 (internal: 40839)
Email: w.pereira@ucl.ac.uk