EGA Institute for Women's Health


Early Placentation Disorders

Prof Jauniaux has worked for over 30 years on placental and fetal development and on the diagnosis and management of placental related-complications of pregnancy– covering the full spectrum of basic science research and applying it to the diagnosis and treatment in utero of placental and fetal diseases. In collaboration with Prof Burton (The Centre for Trophoblast Research, University of Cambridge), we have made several ground-breaking discoveries on the establishment of the placental circulations in the first trimester of pregnancy and the role of oxygen in normal and abnormal early placental development.

Research aims

How the placenta and its adnexae develop and function as anatomical and physiological barriers between the mother and the fetus is essential in understanding how abnormalities of placentation can affect normal fetal development and impact on maternal well-being and the outcome of pregnancy (Figure). Most placental disorders including fetal growth restriction and preeclampsia and linked to disorders of early placentation and oxidative stress and studying them in the first trimester of pregnancy is pivotal in the development of screening test and therapy.