EGA Institute for Women's Health


Research Students

UCL PhD Students

Supervised by Dr David Williams


NameProject title
Emily CornishThe MIRAPO study: investigating the pathogenesis of inflammatory placental disorders that cause recurrent miscarriage, preterm birth, fetal growth restriction and stillbirth
Tamara KubbaAn Investigation of the maternal vascular response to ischaemic preconditioning in pre-eclampsia (Submitted 2022)
Fredrika AseniusThe impact of paternal metabolic health on sperm DNA methylation and fetal growth (Doctoral dissertation, 2019), UCL
Mandeep KalerAn investigation into the aetiology of acute fatty liver of pregnancy (Doctoral dissertation, 2018), UCL
Agata LedwozywMaternal Cardiovascular and immune regulatory factors before the onset of pre-eclampsia (Doctoral dissertation, 2014), UCL
Sara HillmanThe role of Genes and Environment on Fetal Growth (Doctoral dissertation, 2014), UCL