EGA Institute for Women's Health


Research Staff and Students - Professor Dimitrios Sassiakos

Group Members

  • Associate Professor Dimitrios Siassakos, UCL IfWH
  • Professor Anna David, UCL IfWH
  • Ms Chiara Messina, UCLH Clinical Research Manager
  • Professor Manish Tiwari, UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering
  • Professor Adrien Desjardin, UCL Engineering
  • Dr George Attilakos, Consultant Fetal Medicine, UCLH
  • Dr Melissa Whitten, Consultant Fetal Medicine, UCLH
  • Angela Velinor, Lead Midwife for Education & Maternity CPF Team Lead, UCLH
    Research Training Fellow
  • Robert Stafford-Williams UCL CDT Medical Imaging Doctoral Student