EGA Institute for Women's Health


Research Staff and Students

Research Staff

Riccardo Privolizzi, PhD candidate

Bernie Owusu-Yaw, Research Fellow

Hester Chu, Research Assistant

Research Students

Ellen O’Connell, MSc project

Nubiyah Harper, MSc project: "Evaluation of novel synthetic promoters in AAV gene therapy for childhood neurological diseases"

Sneha Kapadia, MSc project: "Genetic therapeutic approaches for infantile epilepsy"

Elerstefan Katundi, MSc project: "Rapid AAV production for analysing gene therapy designs for neurological diseases"

Charlie Woollams, MSc project: "Gene therapy for childhood arteriopathy"

Enzo Giardina, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Riccardo Privolizzi, UCL IMPACT PhD project: "In vivo evaluation of novel synthetic promoters for CNS gene therapy"

Hester Chu, Wellcome Biomedical Vacation Scholarship project: "Neuropathology in infantile epilepsy model"

Asya Gullu, MSc project: "Gene therapy for childhood stroke"