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Programme and invited speakers - iFeTIS 2023

This conference arranged in Edinburgh by the iFeTIS team at UCL, University College London will cover the very latest research and progress in fetal immunology, transplantation and genetic therapy


Link to Final Programme iFeTIS Conference 2023 


  • Hear the latest about clinical trials treating genetic disease before birth including osteogenesis imperfecta, thalassaemia, metabolic liver disorders and skin conditions.
  • Get up to speed with vector systems including fetal gene editing.
  • Update on latest progress in the artificial placenta systems, and how they are shedding light on fetal development and nutrition.
  • Learn about our new understanding of the developing fetal immune system.


Friday 16th June 2023

  • Stem cells and stem cell transplantation 
  • Fetal immune system 

Saturday 17th June 2023

  • Gene editing/gene therapy 
  • Clinical update, ethics and regulatory affairs 

Full programme to follow 


Invited Speakers

Understanding liver regeneration to develop cell therapies


Professor Stuart Forbes

Chair of Transplatation and Regenerative Medicine & 

Director, Institute for Regeneration and Repair and Centre for Regenerative Medicine & Institute for Regeneration and Repair

 University of Edinburgh

Stuart Forbes


Enhancing thymic function to improve T-cell immunity in aged


Dr Jennifer Cowan

Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow, Institute of Immunity and Transplantation

University College London

Jennifer Cowan