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Patient Care Research Group

We believe that improving quality of life and reducing suffering resulting from women specific cancers are important goals of cancer care in their own right and apart from survival benefit.


Our research considers what matters most to women with womne specific cancers and seeks to understand their experiences. We aim is to explore new ways of working in partnership with women who develop breast and gynaecological cancers to improve their healthcare experience and quality of life.  

We achieve this by:

  • Integrating knowledge of patient experience with clinical science
  • Prioritising multidisciplinary research to create clinical interventions to impact practice,  cancer care guidelines and policy
  • Developing novel interventions to support informed decision-making, enhance lifestyle change, relieve symptoms and promote psychological resilience and recovery
  • Applying research evidence to influence policy, practice and teaching  in women specific cancers
  • Increasing research capacity through academic support and training in quality of life and psychooncological skills.  
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Patient experience of prevention and early detection approaches in women’s cancer

An area that is key in strategies to detect disease early is risk stratification and we have worked in a number of areas of risk stratification including the collaborative multidisciplinary CRUK research programme (PROMISE).

Patient and healthcare professional communication

Patient and health professional communication

Studies that examine communication process and its effects on patients’ well-being or clinical outcomes.


Novel interventions

Novel Interventions

Interventions to improve quality of life outcomes for women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer

Quality of Life research theme

Quality of Life

A series of projects aimed at developing and psychometrically testing quality of life instruments for use in women specific cancers and for generic use.

Patient Care Research Group members

Research Group Members

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MFM Research Students

Research Students

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