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Fertility clinics giving women 'false sense of security' over egg freezing

15 March 2021

Fertility clinics are giving women a “false sense of security” that egg freezing will guarantee them a baby in future, experts claim.

Doctor in blue gloves does control check of the in vitro fertilization process using a microscope

Researchers have criticised clinic websites which make “misleading” claims about the likelihood of egg freezing leading to a successful pregnancy.

Dr Zeynep Gurtin, a women’s health specialist at University College London, analysed the websites of the UK’s 15 biggest clinics, which carry out nearly nine out of 10 of all egg freezing cycles.

She said women were not always receiving “honest, accurate and transparent information” and may be being “exploited or provided with false hope”.

“They [the clinic websites] give the impression the technology is more certain and more of a guarantee than it really is,” she said.

Speaking at a virtual event hosted by fertility ethics charity the Progress Educational Trust, she added: “One of the biggest risks of doing egg freezing is a false sense of security in the potential of those eggs to turn into actual babies."

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