EGA Institute for Women's Health


Five Year Action plan to promote Women's Reproductive Health

28 June 2018

Public Health England is drawing up a five-year action plan to promote women's reproductive health, with key input from IfWH

reproductive health and pregnancy planning, UCL
Reproductive health – from contraception, to pregnancy planning and preconception care - needs to be part of day-to-day business for many organisations, and support for healthy behaviour change must be important for all. There are both universal and targeted approaches to achieving this, with higher risk groups with multiple vulnerabilities requiring a more intensive and multidisciplinary approach.  Public Health England, with key input from the Institute for Women’s Health at UCL, are putting together plan to help local authorities, NHS commissioners and health professionals plan for different stages of the life course to apply these approaches, and make reproductive health and pregnancy planning everyday business.

Dr Sue Mann, Public Health Consultant in Reproductive Health from PHE says: “Our research shows that there is still stigma associated with talking about reproductive health issues which is a barrier to women seeking help. This is particularly true in the workplace where many women do not feel comfortable speaking to their managers about the real reasons for needing to take time off work. We want to empower women to educate themselves about good reproductive health and to feel confident speaking about it."