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PhD student Darren Thomas shortlisted for MRC Max Perutz Award

11 September 2017


Congratulations to our PhD student Darren Thomas whose article was shortlisted for the MRC Max Perutz Award. Only 14 have been shortlisted from over 100 entries.

The Max Perutz Award asks MRC-funded PhD students to write up to 800 words about their research and why it matters, in a way that would interest non-scientific audience. 


Darren Thomas with his supervisor Prof Usha Menon

Darren studies colorectal cancer and its prediction and early detection. By comparing the CA125-screening samples, questionnaire data, and medical records associated with UKCTOCS women who have since been diagnosed with colorectal cancer with those who have remained cancer-free, the work hopes to 1) decipher the tell-tale protein signatures that arise before symptoms appear and 2) tailor cancer screening around one’s own personalised risk. His primary supervisor is Prof Usha Menon.

The work is funded by the MRC Industrial CASE studentship and with support from Abcodia Ltd.


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