EGA Institute for Women's Health


IfWH and Paris Descartes collaboration agreement signed

17 May 2017


UCL, the EGA Institute for Women's Health and Paris Descartes University have organized the first joint seminar on Fetal Growth Restriction. This meeting initiates exchanges and collaborations between scientists and practitioners of the two institutions.
The seminar, that was held on 5 May 2017 at the Résidence de France, has gathered more than 50 participants issued from each Faculty, as well as other researchers from other health domains (INSERM, APHP).

Professor Graham Hart signed a Memorandum of Understanding with his counterpart at University Paris Descartes Prof. Gérard Friedlander (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of UPD) to set up an exchange for medical students.


From left: Graham Hart, Geoffrey Sockett, Anna David, Gérard Friedlander, Vassilis Tsatsaris


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