EGA Institute for Women's Health


IfWH and Paris Descartes collaboration

10 March 2017



Fetal growth restriction (FGR) is responsible for a large proportion of perinatal mortality worldwide. There is currently no treatment that can improve fetal growth in utero, and only childbirth, usually prematurely, allows infant survival. The management of infants with very low birth weight is a major challenge in medical, ethical and economic terms. Substantial advances in neonatology are enabling the intensive care of increasingly preterm infants (from 5.5 months of gestation, 500 grams), without really ensuring a neurologic and respiratory outcome free of long-term handicap. These small for gestational age infants remain in a hospital setting until they attain a weight of approximately 2500 g. The cost of their care is considerable. FGR is therefore one of the main Grand Challenges in perinatal medicine. 

UCL and Paris Descartes University have a great expertise and innovative research projects in the field of FGR. To promote collaborations a seminar on Fetal Growth Restriction will be organized in May 2017 in London, in partnership with the French Embassy in London, gathering 70 people (clinicians and scientists) from the two university departments and their affiliated hospitals.  At the end of the meeting the modalities for a clinical and a scientific collaboration will be decided. To reinforce the partnership an exchange program of undergraduate medical students will also be organized. This project has been founded by UCL Global Engagement Fund and by Paris-descartes University.