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Exploring how to best support men through their fertility journey

Dilisha Patel’s PhD is supervised by Prof Ann Blandford, Prof Judith Stephenson and Prof Jill Shawe and is looking at ‘Exploring how to best support men through their fertility journey”.

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There is currently little support for men planning and preparing for pregnancy, even if they are deemed to be reproductively challenged. Online and digital interventions are commonly cited as the method of choice for information and guidance by both men and women whilst they navigate their fertility journey. This project aimed to investigate men’s information seeking journey’s to better understand how to support them through their fertility journey. This project identified a process of how men find a new normal when using online forums to share with one another, see Figure 1, and publication  "I feel like only half a man": Online Forums as a Resource for Finding a "New Normal" for Men Experiencing Fertility Issues. This project uses mainly qualitative methods to understands men’s experiences and feelings whilst experiencing fertility difficulties.