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Episode 4: To freeze, or not to freeze (your eggs)



Hosted by Olivia Moir, this week's topic looks further into fertility education with Dr. Zeynep Gurtin, focussing specifically on the topic of egg freezing.   We discuss what this process really looks like, who is using this kind of technology, the success rates and some of the ethical concerns around this topic.

About the Guest

Dr Gurtin is a Lecturer in Women’s Health at the Institute for Women’s Health at UCL, and holds an Affiliate Lectureship at the University of Cambridge Sociology Department. Her work and research brings together changing social trends in fertility with women's own personal accounts of their expectations and experiences, to provide insights about contemporary reproduction and relationships.


Before moving to UCL in September 2018, Dr Gurtin spent two years as a Senior Research Associate at the London Women’s Clinic, focusing on egg freezing and single women's fertility options and experiences. Prior to this, Zeynep completed her PhD at Cambridge; her thesis “The ART of Making Babies", provides an analysis of the cultural constructions of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Turkey, combining archival analysis or media and regulatory materials with ethnographic research and in-depth interviews with IVF patients and practitioners. Zeynep was also Founding Convener of the Cambridge Interdisciplinary Reproduction Group (CIRF), a multi-disciplinary research group which was based at CRASSH from 2006-2016.

 Zeynep is an experienced public communicator; she has spoken about fertility, assisted reproduction and gender relations at schools, City firms, arts festivals and women's groups, both nationally and internationally. Learn more about Zeynep's work here 



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